It's Never This Obvious.

Know the Warning Signs of Addiction


      New Life Clinic provides a "POSITIVE APPROACH" in every thing we do.  We ask the same from the family, friends, or co-workers of the patients.  It is important to remember that getting your loved one to commit to an addiction program is not the end of the battle. But quite the opposite.  It's the first GIANT step in the right direction, but  Support is needed even more during the rehabilitation process    It's a tough road for EVERYONE involved but well worth it all in the end.  

      Knowledge:  It is important to understand the addiction.  Not only the drug and it's affects, but also withdrawal symptoms, signs of lapse, relapse, overdose, and how it affects the body overall.

     Patience:    Remember, your loved one will return very soon.  The body's rapid changes could cause "temper tantrums" and other fits of rage.  It is important that you remain strong and Patient. Your reactions could trigger a negative response or relapse.   Or  it  could move them another giant step closer to being free of addiction and living a normal, productive life.