Our mission is to reach out to areas of great need starting with West Virginia and surrounding areas.  Our "positive" staff will assist in your recovery in EVERY way that we can.  We do not / will not judge anyone.  We apply a positive approach in every manner.  We know, you can overcome ANY addiction with the proper treatment.  It's not about the medicine (Buprenorphine),  its ALL about the mind.  Re-training your thought process and identifying the triggers that cause negative reactions.  We run a "no-nonsense" clinic that has a strict patient care plan which MUST be followed.  If you truly seek help, we promise to be there every step of the way.  Follow the program, and you will succeed. 

     Your life is not over, learn to hit the "Delete Button"  in your mind and focus on your future.   Set new goals, make new friends, follow the program and you will be amazed at the positive changes that take place around you.   We want you to see yourselves as successful, powerful, confident, and someone who can conquer anything.    We hope that you will put your trust in our professionals as we will put just as much trust in you.  Whether you are using our clinic services, or going somewhere else, please be dedicated to your program.  Make sure you see it through. 

     Your family, friends, and co-workers are depending on YOU!  You have to take the first step.  We'll help you with the rest.


  Looking forward to serving you!  

Todd Bowen  CEO/Founder New Life Clinics INC